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who we are

Toloa Transportation, LLC is a local taxi cab service in Mesa that started from the bottom and we are working our way up. To that end, we began our dream in 2016 with one taxi purchased from Discount Cab. Presently we own and operate a fleet of Yellow Cabs in Arizona. While we pride ourselves on servicing the entire valley, the east valley is our main focus. Our people make us who we are and we can proudly say we have a caring, professional and wonderful team of drivers.

our future is bright

Even with Lyft and Uber trying to monopolize the industry, we are constantly looking at more ways to fully satisfy the local tax cab service in Mesa needs. To that end we use old fashion, reliable and trustworthy taxi cab drivers. Together we have 40 years of customer service experience. We know the challenge will be hard but not unattainable. Within the next year we plan to begin other independent forms of transportation to service our valued clients and customers.

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join our team

We treat our inside customers like family so they will deliver phenomenal service to their passengers. If you are interested in joining our team of drivers, please click on the link below or call us. More importantly, if you need a ride anywhere in the valley give us a call. Above all, seniors you are never alone. Call us and we will get you an honest driver and guarantee your safety. Moreover, Party Goers, DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK! We got you!

Call us for a safe ride. It’s Cheaper!

toloa transportation, llc

2747 E. University  Dr.
Box 30374
Mesa, AZ 85213


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